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Vertical Shaft Impactor : First choice for chipping and sand production

The Multirok® vertical shaft impactor (VSI) is used for tertiary and quaternary crushing to produce chippings and sands with high portions of cubical product. Depending on the application, customers have the choice between open and closed rotors as well as rock-on-anvil and rock-on-rock crushing. Regardless of the crusher configuration, crushing tools made of high performance materials ensure longest service life.

An Ideal Tertiary Machine for

  • Concrete Aggregates
  • Manufactured Sand
  • Asphalt Mixing
  • Road Base Materials


  • Easy portabiity and quick insta•aticn With
  • minimum support Structures.
  • Variable capacity rnodds for tertiary
  • app*ications.
  • Rack-or—Roch technology minimizes
  • wearing cf parts, hence rmmimum
  • operating and wear costs.
  • Excelent cubicle shape product.
  • Consistent product gradation.
  • Simple maintenance.
  • Quicker realacerr,ent of worn out parts –
  • lesser dmvntime.
  • Retr04t for conversion to Rock—co-Steel
  • ior less abrasive rocks


Tkll offers anvil rings and rock box

combinations to convert the Rock-on-Rock to

Rock-on-Steel models for lesser abrasive

rocks to get higher product yield. The retro-

fits can be quickly installed in the existing

Rock-on-Rock models with minimum

changes in the machine, which can be

conveniently done at site. The retro-fits give

the flexibility to change-over between Rock-

on-Rock and Rock-on-Steel applications to

meet the differing product needs.


The mechamsm Invobed is verv simde. The

rock to be crushed is fed through the hopper

and e feed tube onto the center Of a dosed

rotor. The rotor spinning at high speed throws

the material with a great centrifugal force.

When the accelerated rock hits the stationary

rock-box, known as Rock-on-Rock High

Performance princide, it breaks by impact

along the natural fault lines resulting in a

cubical shaped product, which falls freely by

gravity on to a conveyor belt below.

 The Rock-on-Rock principle simulates the

nature’s way cf impact and grinding that

occurs in generation Of particle shape in

natural sand.

The VSI crusher thus comes out a winner as

producer cf quality aggregates as as

Manufactured Sand, which is very close to

the natural sand in partide shape and




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